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As students and faculty are returning to campus, our use of online technology is increasing—from connecting to peers on social media, to using platforms such as Canvas and Google Workspace for coursework. Though we use these tools frequently, how often do we think about our privacy on these platforms, or our digital identity online? That’s where we come in! The Digital Tattoo Project has lots of resources to help you manage your digital identity and project yourself online.

What is the Digital Tattoo Project?

The Digital Tattoo Project is a collaborative project between UBC and the University of Toronto (UofT). The main focus of the project is provoking thought and conversation about your presence online, offering advice about forming your digital identity, and letting you know your rights and responsibilities as an online citizen. 

The project is a students-as-partners project—meaning that all of the content is created  by undergraduate and graduate students at the University of British Columbia and The University of Toronto. Students also partner with library and educational staff to determine the direction and the approach of the site.

How can I use your site?

Our website has been around since the project started in 2008—which means we have a lot of content. We’ve rounded up some interesting articles and activities you can find on our site 

Check us out on social media—where we share interesting articles we find, update you on our latest content, and sometimes even play around with DALL-E 2

Written by: Eden Solarik

Edited by: Lucas Wright

Feature Image: UBC Brand & Marketing

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