Privacy and Surveillance

Ask the right questions and learn more about how to take control of your privacy and data.

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: February 24, 2021 @12:59 pm

Checking our Online Behaviour for Digital Blackface by Estelle Frank In today’s digital age, we have more tools at our disposal to express ourselves virtually than ever before. From memes to GIFS to emojis to Bitmojis, visual representations of the emotion we may want to convey online is easily done on messaging or social media […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: January 13, 2021 @12:23 pm

Using Your Online Democratic Voice By Alexander Howes Strengthening democracy requires us to engage in civil, informed online discourse. It is important to be conscientious about our democratic voice online. From choosing our news sources to engaging in online debate, it is important for us to be informed and engaged. This article provides strategies for […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: December 22, 2020 @12:54 pm

When “The Social Dilemma” came out on Netflix earlier this year, it created a tremendous reaction of shock and alarm from its viewers. Even some of the most avid social media users were stunned at the practices that tech companies were performing right under their noses, and especially at one of the movie’s main claims: […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: December 8, 2020 @1:33 pm

Guest Post: Prepare Your Devices for Online Learning By, Lina Kim With courses now transitioned into online learning, new issues can arise regarding network speed, web browsers, security, and storage. This blog will go over how you can avoid some of these issues and ensure your device is in tip-top shape. Please note that this […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: November 27, 2020 @10:34 am

I recently wrote about how to combat the software fatigue that many students (including myself) are facing this semester. While many people have been writing about “Zoom fatigue” recently, it wasn’t quite covering what I was feeling. “Software fatigue” is a term that I came up with to describe the broader range of frustrations and […]

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