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Learn and consider how you would like to be represented online, both professionally and personally.

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: March 10, 2021 @10:31 am

The Many Sides of Being Social by Alannah Berson In 2014, several drag queens found themselves locked out of their Facebook accounts because their names weren’t “authentic”. [1] The accounts had been flagged after Facebook instituted a “Real Name” policy that limits what types of usernames are allowed on the site and seeks to tie […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: February 24, 2021 @12:59 pm

Checking our Online Behaviour for Digital Blackface by Estelle Frank In today’s digital age, we have more tools at our disposal to express ourselves virtually than ever before. From memes to GIFS to emojis to Bitmojis, visual representations of the emotion we may want to convey online is easily done on messaging or social media […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: February 9, 2021 @1:20 pm

Personalized Personal Lives: Students vs. Filter Bubbles by Joe Wright We’ve all likely seen and been told about how Google’s now seamless integration into our lives sometimes results in a blurring of our lines of privacy, but another hidden tactic of Google (and many other platforms) is ‘personalizing’ the information we’re shown to appeal to […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: January 26, 2021 @12:04 pm

Tips for Students in Online Discussion Boards by Alice Li Before the start of our online education, some of us may not have experienced academic online discussions. Web etiquette (netiquette) is an important aspect of online communication, since following netiquette rules can encourage the sharing of diverse ideas in a respectful and engaging learning environment. […]

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by Rachael Bradshaw – Date: January 13, 2021 @12:23 pm

Using Your Online Democratic Voice By Alexander Howes Strengthening democracy requires us to engage in civil, informed online discourse. It is important to be conscientious about our democratic voice online. From choosing our news sources to engaging in online debate, it is important for us to be informed and engaged. This article provides strategies for […]

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