Welcome to the Digital Tattoo

The Project

The Digital Tattoo project is designed to encourage thoughtful engagement with the issues and concerns surrounding the internet, privacy, and online identity. It does this by providing resources—including videos, quizzes, and links—that explore various aspects of digital citizenship. The overall goal is to make you more aware of your options when navigating the internet and the implications of your choices.

Try taking this quiz in the Protect section to find out what areas might be of interest to you. Then, check out the other areas!

The project is a partnership between the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto and the content is created by students at each institution.

The Posters

Maybe you’re here because of one of our posters on campus. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about the permissions that applications on phones ask for and to raise questions about the amount of information that we’re sharing through these applications.

Follow the link below each poster to find out more about their unique content, discover more resources about the issue, and to participate in the conversations happening in their comment section.

A phone's screen shows the permissions an application is asking to access

Find out more about this poster and how the changes to WhatApp’s privacy policy might affect you

A red line travels through a maze of black dots and to a location symbol

Find out more about this poster and the impact of sharing your location with applications 


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