From Tacos to Amazon, Your Personal Robot Butler

Recently Amazon announced it’s plans to begin delivering purchases with a flying unmanned robot. In the last few years information about drones has been negative,  borderline apocalyptic.  No one likes the idea of being spied on from above. Unless that drone above isn’t spying for Big Brother and instead just wants to deliver you delicious Tacos.

The TacoCopter was founded in Spring 2012, looking to air drop precious Mexican food from on high. Since then other companies have used drone delivery as a promotional tool including Dominoes and  a music festival in South Africa delivering ice cold beer.  Amazon however,  says that this is not a stunt but instead a real part of the companies five year plan.  The potential start date when the drones begin to deliver your Harry Potter boxed set is 2015 however, there are many issues amazon has to settle before then. Issues of safety, theft and legality are being discussed in the media. The discussion has been centered around Amazon and how this will affect them as a company. The other questions is, how will this impact you as an consumer and will delivery robots alter your  person identity?

Online shopping continues to hold a  threat of identity theft. The robot carrier increases risk of not just the physical object being stolen but the shoppers personal information.   As an Amazon user myself, the company already knows the location of my last few places of residence and tracks my purchases with more gusto than any of my personal attempts at bookkeeping.

Personal privacy is just one of the potential problems with Amazon robot delivery. The Telegraph lists night different ways it could go wrong including falling packages, theft,  poor weather and hacking.  It’s all too easy to have your laptop hacked over an open wi-fi connection, hacking Amazon packages would be child’s play for a malicious individual. While many in the tech industry think robot delivery is yet another marketing scam, it is important to understand that such technology exists and could be mainstream in just a few years.

What do you think about Amazon Prime drone delivery? Is it just a PR stunt or the wave of the future?  Join the conversation in the  comments below.



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