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Exploring the Online Identity Ecosystem

We all know what it’s like to forget our username or password for one of the dozens of online accounts we access on a regular basis. From ebay and Linked-in to Twitter and vimeo, our online information is often organized into silos disconnected from one another and requiring separate log-in practices. The “Identity 2.0” movement calls for […]

The online crusader

You may have never heard of Christopher Soghoian but if you ever run into him, be sure to thank him for protecting your privacy. The 30-year-old technologist and PhD candidate was recently highlighted in a Wired Magazine article for his tenacious crusade in the name of online privacy. While many of us are busy sending text messages, updating […]

Facebook Aims to Simplify Privacy Settings

This from the nytimes bits blog. Facebook is attempting to clarify their privacy settings. Now when you post something, you’ll have the option to choose who sees each particular post – the public, friends, or custom made (spherical-shaped) groups. The changes are supposed to roll out on Thursday. In other news, nothing much else has […]

Infographic: How companies are using social media to hire and fire

An interesting infographic in The Atlantic describes what employers find objectionable about a potential hire’s use of social media: Content about using drugs or drinking alcohol. Bad-mouthing previous employers or co-workers. Evidence of poor communication skills. Along with aspects employers liked to see: Offers a good feel for the candidate’s personality. Shows evidence of creativity. […]