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How can you take control of your digital identity?

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    Building Your Digital Avatar Using LinkedIn Guest Post by Maitreyi Bodkhe After more than a year of Zoom school and professors encouraging everyone to turn on their cameras, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering my social media usage and digital identity. One of my favorite pandemic activities has been creating quirky Zoom backgrounds for […]

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    Are the Likes Worth It? by Sarah Robertson With the introduction of modern social media came the “like system”: a metric system which publicly reveals the positive interaction a person has received with a piece of content created for their audience, whether it be the general public or a select group of followers. Users were […]

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    Presentation for Educators: Managing Your Online Profile Educators and future educators: This presentation is designed and adapted for you to help you learn how to build a digital profile that expresses an authentic “you” while maintaining a professional profile that can help you connect with your community and even help you advance your career. Presentation […]

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    Algorithms & The Death of Democratic Discourse  by Christian Koch Our entire digital history  tracked— and is still being tracked. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and others collect data from links clicked, time spent on a particular page, whether or not the content is shared, and even the most seemingly inconsequential choices— all to build pictures […]

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    Navigating COVID-19 Dashboards by Kailey Fukushima When COVID-19 arrived in British Columbia, I sought safety in information seeking. In Spring 2020, I visited COVID-19 dashboards several times daily. I experienced near-overwhelming anxiety until I learned to navigate these technologies intentionally. Does my story sound familiar to you? If so, you are certainly not alone. COVID-19 […]

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