Assess: What Do You Think?

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  1. Tom Thomas

    I love being online. It is just like life; you have to use your judgement to decide what is best for you. As you gain experience you can better manage the risks involved. Yes, there are risks. When you are starting out it is best to have a trusted guide such as a good friend or relative.

  2. Sara Lariviere

    Our school is K-8 and we are not even allowed to teach typing let alone how to be safe online. After really reading a lot of these websites I feel like that is a lot to leave to the parents. There was was a lot of information that I was unaware of so it worries me that students at my school will be online without having been taught some smart ways. Especially, the ones that are posting information about themselves. The four year old’s site hit home as I have a young child at home.

  3. Erica Becker

    I place a lot of faith in my husband and the school district to keep my information secure. This activity really informed me about how much I have to learn about privacy and protection. The green links in this quiz are really accessible and informative, but I still will have to be more aware of how I am using the internet and what I am using it for. I can see how important it is to inform our students to safely use the internet and the effect of having an online presence. I’m not sure if the students will be responsive in my classroom.

  4. Sara Lariviere

    I teach at a school whose philosophy does not allow us to use a lot of technology in the classroom. Therefore, I feel like I am not learning a lot of these things about the internet or all of it’s resources. Going into the quiz I felt like I am fairly safe online, but after taking the quiz but after taking the quiz I found that there are tons of things that I did not know anything about. The one I am most thankful for reading is the geotagging because I post a lot of pictures on Facebook.

  5. BStahl

    There are a few items here that I posted on my FB wall for friends and family, including geotagging and the easy to follow FB security settings video. I agree with Dena that we need to guide our students to be smart online, which goes further that just using computers now. I also found the article regarding the Vancouver School District’s policies for FB. Our district has had conversations, yet we do not have any guidelines. As educators and adults, we need to make our own decisions regarding what we are comfortable sharing with the public for which we work.

  6. Keel Mcshpeel

    I am speachless because of the ignorance of todays youth. the internet is a pig in a box.

  7. Jerry Seinfield

    well, i believe that this internet thing is well… pointless to the average American, and just a way to share things that should be private.

  8. Peggi Gnadt

    I think I’ve been lazy about being online. I know I should be more careful, but as I go along, I think, “Hmm, it’ll be fine. I’ll just use the free and public wi-fi here for just a few minutes….” I need to get better about this.

    I’m glad I looked at the links here because there are several that helped me understand how to be safer. I also learned a lot about my settings and promptly made some choices for my laptop and my kindle. I have relied on the Geek Squad to make decisions for me because I’m often afraid of my computer’s settings. I’m always worried I’ll do something to my computer that I won’t be able to change because I don’t know how. Now I understand a little better.

    I’m also super glad to learn about geotagging and metadata. I really don’t like the idea that someone could learn so much about me from something as simple as taking a picture. I wonder how many parents know about this because I’m sure they would be much more careful about this.

    1. Tricia Jose

      Thanks for the feedback, Peggi! Glad to hear this site was able to help you 🙂

  9. Peggi Gnadt

    I’ve always found computers rather mysterious. It always leaves me a little uneasy. For example, when I bought my laptop I had the “geeks” set it all up and had to just trust they’d protect me. Now I feel like I have a better understanding of how to protect my identity and my computer. I can make some of those choices on my own. We really do need to teach the kids how to protect themselves. Unfortunately, some kids will find ways to get around their parents if they want to do something on the internet and Mom and Dad aren’t around. Or, have parental controls on their internet devices. Hopefully we can teach them how to be safe. How many kids know about geotagging? Or parents for that matter. I’m shocked by how many smartphones/iphones I’ve seen kids walking around with this summer in summer school. I wonder how many parents have control of what their child is doing with them.

  10. Trudy Cohn

    I really enjoy doing things online and using the internet to browse for information, but I do realize that there are always risks involved in this. I learned from the quiz what pharming was because I had never heard of it before. It is sad that the internet has to have so many people who tamper with it and make it risky, but that is with everything in life. We as teachers need to teach and remind students about who can see the things they post and teach them about clicking various privacy settings when working online, even for schoolwork.

    1. Peggi Gnadt

      I agree. Especially about the schoolwork. I know I need to get better informed. Last year my students started doing a few assignments on My Big Campus. I created the students’ accounts and refused to allow their last names to be used. I think it’s pretty safe, but you can’t be too careful.

  11. Brad Shutter

    I really do not know as much about on-line safety as I thought. I have never heard of metadata or geotagging. I really do not share a lot of my information on-line. When I do, I try really hard to be very careful about what personal information I put on the internet. You just don’t really know what is a legitimate site and which is not. Kids especially need to be aware of what they are putting out there. Kids are so naive. Parents need to really watch what sites they are going to and what information they are posting.

  12. Jen Kiekhoefer

    I think that there is still a lot that I can learn about internet safety and protection of my information. I was completely unaware of metadata and geotagging. I don’t believe students really feel what they put on the internet is bad or could harm them. They don’t think about how photos or information they have put on the internet today could cause them problems down the road when they look at choosing schools or getting jobs, etc.

    1. Peggi Gnadt

      Re: They don’t think about how photos or information they have put on the internet today could cause them problems down the road when they look at choosing schools or getting jobs, etc.

      I don’t know that very many people have thought about this. It’s somewhat new territory. And like me, many people feel out of control around that issue.

  13. Dena Budrecki

    What do I think? I think online activity is a topic that needs a lot of attention with our younger generation. Our schools need to providing curriculum that guides our students to being smart, safe, effective online users. I also believe as teachers we need to model positive behaviors online.