Photo by the Province of British Columbia

Beware of the Whistler Scam

As the sun sparkles and the sultry peaks of British Columbia’s most sought-after mountaintops, it’s pretty easy to find yourself blinded by the beauty. Each year, Whistler brings in over 2.7 million tourists to bask in the wonder—and many activities—that the resort-town provides. It boasts everything from snowboarding to bungee jumping, and has the capacity […]

Open Access Week: a Social Media Snapshot

Open Access Week: a Social Media Snapshot

Last week, some of the greatest minds in Open Access met in a panel to discuss the success, challenges and future of open access in the forms of scholarly publishing, textbooks and education. Take a look at the social media timeline of the event below. [View the story “Open Access Week: Social Media Snapshot” on […]

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Are Private Groups Really Private?

It’s that time of year again—the first week of a brand new fall semester that screams ‘fresh start.’ Whether you’re sporting a brand new laptop for the year, or flaunting a new set of kicks (is that what the kids are still calling it these days?), the new school year always offers every student the […]