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Phone Security 101

Universities can be dangerous places. Exams, assignments, thieves and faculty lie in wait for the unsuspecting undergrad; of these, only theft can be (responsibly) avoided. This is important in the age of the smartphone; losing your device can lead to identity theft, bank fraud, and all sorts of scary-bad-no-fun situations. What can students do to […]

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Academics Anonymous

As we’ve said many times before, privacy is essential to academic freedom and free expression. Anonymous browsing is one way for academics to ensure their privacy online (to the extent that’s possible) and can be done in a number of ways; chief among these are virtual private networks (VPNs), proxy servers and TOR – a browser purpose-built […]

Edward Snowden at the TED conference

Surveillance for students: a primer

What with nearly-omnipresent network surveillance and concomitant self-censorship, students (academics in general, really) face a new set of challenges to their freedom of expression and privacy.There are several areas here of particular concern for students; notable among these are copyright, academic freedom and privacy.  Even educational surveillance can create an atmosphere of distrust, detracting from learning and […]



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