One response to “Towards Student Privacy”

  1. Cindy Underhill

    Despite its limitations, this study: Student Attitudes toward Learning Analytics in Higher Education: “The Fitbit Version of the Learning World (2016): highlights some important themes relevant to student and learning analytics:
    * students limited knowledge of learning analytics and its implementation at their institution.
    * desire to have control over their own decisions related to their learning
    * concerns about inequalities and invasion of privacy brought about by the use of analytics.

    The study authors go on to recommend representation from students on decision making committees about the implementation of learning analytics. Hopefully, at UBC, we can do our best in supporting students with the information they may need in order to be full participants at the table. To that end, I offer up these resources:

    * Learning Data: Key Principles:
    * Podcast Series (from JISC – UK based research organisation):
    * UBC Resources:
    * MyData: Finland’s model for a human centered, consent-based form of data sharing to balance personal and institutional interests:

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