6 responses to “The Digital Tattoo Podcast: Episode 1 and 2 about Copyright and Open Access are now available”

  1. kanchu

    Great article…informative and helpful.

    1. Eden Solarik

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re happy you found it helpful.

  2. Charles Mathis

    nice Article

  3. Tom Morley

    I’m looking for the podcast. I found what appears to be the digital tattoo podcasts (@citir) but it sounds like Narduwaar! I really want to link this for my high school kids to access. Could you forward me the correct link?

    1. Cindy Underhill

      Hi Tom,

      So glad you’ll be sharing this with your high school class – here’s the link to the first posted podcast in the series: http://www.citr.ca/radio/the-digital-tattoo-podcast-project/episode/20170922/

      Oops you are right, Tom – the link has been directed to the wrong place – we are working on getting this fixed with our friends at CITR.

      Thanks for letting us know and we’ll post an updated link as soon as it’s fixed.

      1. Cindy Underhill

        Hi again,

        CITR has kindly set us up with a temporary link until they solve the problem. You can access the first podcast episode about copyright and access to information: https://soundcloud.com/programming-citr/the-digital-tattoo-podcast-project-episode-1-copyright

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