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Tale of the Tape: Apple vs. the FBI

Tale of the Tape: Apple vs. the FBI

What happens when one of the largest technology companies on the planet goes toe-to-toe with the most iconic domestic police agency in history? Hint: it’s going to be nothing short of a fifteen-round slugfest. Apple made waves earlier this month when it refused to alter it’s iPhone technology for an FBI investigation. The tech giant’s refusal goes directly against […]

Oh, snap! Here’s six sneaky Snapchat secrets you might not have heard

Oh, snap! Here’s six sneaky Snapchat secrets you might not have heard

One of the most interesting narratives that has emerged in the relatively short lifespan of social media has been the rise of Snapchat. The ephemeral social network has come to threaten the stocks of Facebook and Twitter after narrowly escaping the great Zuckerberg’s grasp (okay, maybe ‘narrowly’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but I’d […]

A Linkedin temporary tattoo decorates the forehead of Baptiste Vauthey at the 2010 Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. Vauthey's father works for the company.

Stay sharp on social media: 10 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’t’s

As the last members of the human race that will be able to remember video stores and landlines, millennials are also the first generation to have their entire adult lives recorded by social media. The Generation Y’ers are finally starting to cultivate their professional careers, and keeping up a positive presence and reputation online is the key to making […]

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How ‘open data’ can actually be closed

Last October, I had the privilege of covering Open Access Week for the Digital Tattoo Project, where some of the most forward-thinking minds in the world of ‘open access’ learning delivered a series of presentations that ultimately boiled down to one essential idea: everyone should have access to knowledge and information. The premise seems obvious, […]