2 responses to “Blackboard Connect: Exposed (Part 4)”

  1. Hank

    Your post made me think about the following quote:

    “What I realize now is that by directing our students to adapt to a world in which they can exercise no control over their environment, where every click and eyeball twitch is monitored and analyzed by inscrutable algorithms, we are in fact preparing them for the real world of work (and society) that they will be living in. The Learning Management System is in fact a near-perfect training ground for the life that awaits them.”

    1. bryan short

      Hi Hank,

      I really appreciate you sharing that quote and article. I can’t help but get the sense that the writer is being sarcastic and not just cynical. If the LMS is the perfect training ground for the imperfect world, then it’s treating a symptom and not addressing the disease. The real of world of work does not have to be—and quite often isn’t—like the scenario described in the article. (It does provide a nice analogy to the LMS, however.) And if the world of work is moving towards that level of surveillance, and is removing the agency of its participants, then we’re moving in the wrong direction as a society. This is what we need to be fighting against, not reinforcing in the tools that students, including myself, are being forced to used. Thanks for sharing!


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