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Image from BBC Weather and Twitter

The Dangers of Phishing

Phishing is the act of using a fake and malicious link to lure the user into giving away private account information to a hacker. Often the user doesn’t even need to send their password to the hacker,  with a dangerous link in a tweet or email users can give up account passwords in just one […]

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How to Amplify Your Mistakes on Social Media

Social media and reality television is a terrible combination for those who hope to fly under the radar. This is a lesson that the “stars” of the latest episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” have yet to learn. The show featured Arizona restaurant Amy’s Baking Company, the premise was that their failing restaurant would bring in celebrity chef […]

Mission Possible – Finding Snapchat Photos

The mobile app Snapchat continues its atmospheric rise in popularity. As of April, 150 million “snaps’ were sent daily.  The majority of these snaps are little more than silly expressions, breakfast shots or fashion critiques. The success of Snapchat is built on the idea of sending trivial photo messages to friends without leaving a trace. Consequently the […]

TBYI: Website Trackers

In a recent article, the Digital Tattoo Project reviewed the controversial topic of online privacy and how the concept continues to evolve with the advent of new technology and applications.  However,  social media isn’t the only source of privacy  concerns for digital citizens today. Website tracking refers to the act of archiving existing website history and data, […]