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What your Grandparents can teach you about Twitter

Video Credit: Twitter has been redefined  as a legitimate tool for communication within the last few years. John Stewart, once one of Twitters most outspoken enemies, currently has over a million followers. If these trends continue, it’s only a few years before our grandparents start hash tagging their latest book club book or Instagraming the buffet at breakfast. Late […]

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Facebook Privacy Vote

It’s not often that a social media site asks it’s users opinions about privacy settings. What many people don’t know about Facebook is that the sites governance and policy allows users to vote on major changes. Well, users did have voting rights on facebook but those are set to disappear. Thanks to poor turn out to, you guessed it, vote.  This vote to protect […]

Snapchat Safety

Video Source: Nowadays apps go in and out of style quicker than clothing trends. Faster than you can finish a round of draw something, the next big application is making waves. The latest trend in apps is “Snapchat’. Currently the fifth most popular app on the Apple app store. During this years American Thanksgiving […]

Facebook Privacy Spam

Video Source: Recently your Facebook friends may have posted something that looks like legal jargon to their timeline   There were many variations that sprung up but the majority of timeline posts read as such- “For those of you who do not understand the reasoning behind this posting, Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Unless […]

Is Facebook adding more stress in your social life?

The University of Edinburgh’s business school just released a report that the more friends you have online, the more stress you have. The reason being is the fear that you might offend someone. As social media grows to include one seventh of the worlds population, people circles are rapidly joining. This includes those that you might not […]

Google search: friend or foe?

Google search: friend or foe?

Recently, Harris Interactive conducted a Google consumer study on behalf of An online survey regarding their Google search habits was filled out by 2, 570 US adults. The study found that 86% of people use a Google search engine to find out more information about another. Almost a third of US adults have searched […]

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Election 2024

Despite residing in Canada, the battle for President of the United States was inescapable thanks to Facebook and social media. It was common for friends of friends to wage comment wars. Despite an individual’s political beliefs, one thing everyone could be excited about was the end of the election related interactions on social media. Social […]

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Is Google redefining the meaning of research?

The Washington DC based think tank the Pew Internet Research Center just released a study about the educational impact of the internet. Titled How Teens do research in the Digital World, the study takes aim on how the internet is changing students and their perception towards education. The surveys were conducted over March and April […]

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Predditors, Redditors and the repercussions of “free speech”.

Anonymity is difficult to achieve in today’s media driven world.  Names are no longer simply matched with faces but also Twitter accounts, Linkedin resumes and of course Facebook profiles. Sites are slowly bringing together online and offline personas. The Internet giant YouTube is attempting to coax commenters into revealing their identities by connecting through Google […]

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Twitter-induced panic for UBC Athletics

According to campus newspaper The Ubyssey, Twitter account @UBCDimeWatch was deleted yesterday, after allegations were made against student athletes regarding their involvement with the Twitter feed and its corresponding website. The Twitter account, said to contain non-consensual photos of and suggestive comments about UBC’s “dimes” – (attractive women worthy of top scores on the infamous […]