Britt Dzioba: Student Project Coordinator

What is your primary role in the Digital Tattoo project?

I am the Student Project Coordinator for the Digital Tattoo project. I manage our social media pages, write content for the blog, and coordinate educational outreach with the team.

When did you startworking with the Digital Tattoo team?

I started working with the team in October 2021.

How did you get involved in Digital Tattoo?

The Project Coordinator position was promoted on the UBC Graduate and Post-Doctoral Students webforum and I was intrigued to work on an educational initiative that promotes digital literacy among students. I am currently a Master of Education student with a focus on Adult Learning and I am passionate about free, accessible educational tools that help the community make informed choices.

Why do you believe Digital Tattoo is an important initiative?

Our world is built around the internet yet we are never taught how to use it in a way that protects our greatest possession: our personal data. It is easy for companies to take advantage of users by cloaking their intentions behind legalese and technical jargon. I believe that we need to democratize the internet and ensure that there is informed consent. The internet should be a tool we use, not a tool that uses us. I love that the Digital Tattoo project is student-led and student-focused.

What do you hope that readers will get out of Digital Tattoo?

I hope that our readers feel more empowered to take control of their digital identities. Our goal is not to scare people off of social media and the internet, but to give students the tools to navigate their digital lives with conscientiousness and confidence.

What’s one thing you can’t recommend enough?

Be curious! Ask lots of questions and listen closely to the answers. We have a lot more in common than we do differences and we can get to a better understanding of one another if we just ask.

What is your favourite way to relax?

I love to read! The only thing I love more than reading is buying new books. I have a huge library at home housed in a set of oak shelves I built with my dad. A lazy rainy Sunday on the couch with my cat, a cup of tea, and a book is my idea of perfection.