Still frame of Peter Klein discussing Facebook with the Digital Tattoo

Follow Up: Peter Klein on the Influence of Facebook

As a follow-up to the UBC Streeters video about online news sources, we spoke with UBC Professor Peter Klein for his take on using Facebook as a news source. He is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, writer, and documentary film maker, whose work has appeared on 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and in The Globe and Mail. This segment is a preview from a larger […]

Still frame from UBC Streeters video of a student being interviewed about online news sources on UBC's Vancouver Campus

UBC Streeters: Online News Sources

In this edition of UBC Streeters, we have conversations with students and find out where they’re getting their news from. As a follow-up, we posted a preview video of our interview with UBC School of Journalism Professor Peter Klein. He spoke about the impact of Facebook as a news source when compared to traditional newspapers. Where are you getting your news from? Are you aware […]

Free Speech - Some Conditions Apply

Different Realms of Privacy: Europe and North America

Worlds Apart Europeans approach personal privacy differently than North Americans. In Europe, there are two laws that protect individual citizens over collective society: the right to be forgotten and the right to disconnect. To understand these laws, and how they uniquely impact the digital identities of Europeans, it is necessary to examine the disparate legal frameworks of Europe and North America. Some […]

Facebook home screen

The Real Facebook Controversy

Logging into Facebook and checking the newsfeed is something that most people do everyday without really considering its implications. According to recent statistics, people of all ages are doing this more often and for more reasons than ever before. Facebook is now the world’s largest and most powerful media organization. People are using it to find out about more […]

Still frame from UBC Streeters video of a student being interviewed about social media on UBC's Vancouver Campus

UBC Streeters: Mindfulness and Social Media

In this edition of UBC Streeters, we interview students on UBC’s Vancouver campus about social media. They talk about what kinds of networks they’re connecting with and why, how much thought they’re giving their communications, and if they’ve got any regrets. How much time do you spend thinking before pressing send? You can assess your own social media use in […]

Using Mindfulness to Improve Online Communication

Using Mindfulness to Improve Online Communication

Have you ever noticed a disconnect between interactions of people online and in person? Maybe you have a friend who is normally shy but becomes outspoken when they get behind a keyboard. Or perhaps you’ve noticed how people who otherwise behave considerately can abruptly become insensitive when communicating online. It turns out that mindfulness may […]