Assess Yourself

We have a few options for you to assess your learning, challenge yourself and get some immediate feedback. Here they are:

Self Assessments: What Do You Think?

Before you start, find out what you think! The self assessments are designed to pose a few questions to help you identify what you think about the topics in each section. Your answers will guide you to what you might want to learn more about. They offer a good starting place for you to explore the content in each section module. There is no right order in which to proceed through the assessments. Explore at your own pace and have fun!


Quizzes: What Would You Do?

Reflect on some case study scenarios and consider a course of action. There is no right answer, but the feedback you get should offer you some  food for thought. If you are logged in with your UBC CWL, you can earn a badge for completing all 5 quizzes.

Games: Find the Match

Test your recall of some of the terminology and concepts associated with each section of the site. Challenge yourself and beat your own time!