Alex Kuskowski: Digital Tattoo Co-Coordinator

What is your primary role in the Digital Tattoo project? 

I am the UBC Library Strategic Co-Lead. I help to hire and supervise the UBC side of our student team along with my CTLT counterpart. I also work with the other Strategic Co-leads to navigate a course for the Digital Tattoo. In addition to all that some of my work includes applying for grants to improve our project services and fostering discussions about digital literacy with students and the community.

When did you start working with the Digital Tattoo Team (semester/year)? How did you get involved in Digital Tattoo?

I started working for the team in October 2016. I took over this role from Julie Mitchell, Assistant Director, at the UBC Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. My direct involvement began with my position as Learning Services Librarian for UBC. This is such an important project we wanted to make sure it continued to grow and connect with students, faculty, and community members.

I am excited to work on Digital Tattoo to help people take control of their digital identities and knowledge around their presence online.

Why do you believe Digital Tattoo is an important initiative?

As a librarian and a digital citizen I think it’s important to provide as much information as possible to users to empower them to make their own informed decisions.

Digital Tattoo is a place that helps users to navigate tricky topics like digital identities, responsibilities, and rights in a respectful and open way that is accessible to all. It was one of the first places that really focused on students and their digital needs. Whats more it is one of the first places to make students the leaders in that discussion! I believe it is truly significant that our student staff is creating the discussion on what they want their lives to look like online including students’ digital rights! We should all be so luck as to feel secure in our digital presence and not worry about questions like “what’s happening to my data” or “what can I change to have a professional look online after graduation.” Digital Tattoo is here to help with that discussion and help students find answers for themselves.

What do you hope that readers will get out of Digital Tattoo? 

I hope readers come away feeling more secure, informed, and connected regarding digital literacy topics. I want every reader to feel like they are in control, or at the very least informed, of their personal digital destiny.

What is your current professional role?

Learning Services Librarian for the University of British Columbia.

What’s something people might not know about you? 

I used to write children’s books!

If you could hand craft your dream job, what would it be?

I do it every day! Helping people learn new things and be informed about the topics that interest and excite them IS my dream job. Helping out with Digital Tattoo is a big part of that.

What’s one thing you can’t recommend enough? 

Learn something new every day — then share it with someone else. You’ll have learned something new, and then, they will too!