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Still frame of Peter Klein discussing Facebook with the Digital Tattoo

The Peter Klein Interview

The Digital Tattoo sits down with Emmy-award winning journalist, founder of the Global Reporting Centre, and UBC professor Peter Klein to discuss the media’s changing landscape. He covers topics like how stories are being told, for what reasons, by whom, and will be incorporating it all into his course, JRNL 100A: New Media and Society.

A blog article about privacy and people's personal information being the internet's most valuable product

The Internet’s Most Valuable Product

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.” Although the quote’s originator is unknown, it has been around since before the Internet boom of the 1990s. The phrase could have been said when cable television first began broadcasting over the airwaves. It could have been said during the first radio […]

Pokémon Go logo

UBC Streeters: Pokémon Go

We haven’t been able to avoid the hysteria surrounding Pokémon Go. Just outside the doors of Irving K. Barber library, crowds of students with their faces glued to their phones have been gathering around the fountain and under the clock tower. They’re all searching for Pokémon, and apparently the area is swarming with them.  We talked with […]

Still frame of Peter Klein discussing Facebook with the Digital Tattoo

Follow Up: Peter Klein on the Influence of Facebook

As a follow-up to the UBC Streeters video about online news sources, we spoke with UBC Professor Peter Klein for his take on using Facebook as a news source. He is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, writer, and documentary film maker, whose work has appeared on 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and in The Globe and Mail. This segment is a preview from a larger […]