Earn a Badge

You can earn a badge for anything from simply subscribing and logging in to the site, all the way to contributing content! You must be logged in with a UBC CWL in order to earn badges during our pilot. We’re working on a plan for more open access.

2 easy steps to login and start earning badges:

Step 1: Login with your CWL from the link here. (Note: if you don’t have a CWL, you’ll need to get one first.)
Step 2: (Optional) : From the sidebar on the right(If you are using a mobile device, it will be located at the bottom of the page) and add yourself to the site with the Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.52.37 PMbutton if you want your badges to display on this site.
Complete these steps and you will have earned your Subscriber badge!

Badges will appear under your name when you are logged in.
You can also see your progress of the badges you have earned by clicking on the button below:


How to Earn Badges

Earn a Subscriber badge by getting an account on the site and returning to log in successfully. Follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account on cms.ubc.ca
  • Return to this site to add yourself. Voila, you have earned the subscriber badge!
Earn the Awareness badge by completing all 5 quizzes in the What Would You Do? category. There is one for each section and you must complete all 5 to earn this badge:

Earn the Community badge by commenting on a minimum of 3 posts/pages from any section of the site on a topic of interest to you.
The Contributor badge is triggered automatically when both the Awareness and Community badges have been earned.
Earn the Creator badge by creating some content for the digital tattoo site. This may be in the form of a guest blog post, a short video, and infographic, image, case study, etc. Submissions using the form here. You will be nominated for this badge by our admin team!

How to Display Badges

Email from a UBC badge issuer sent through Credly.

Select the "Login to Save & Share" link.

When you earn an open badge at UBC, you may be able to send your badge to a badge profile site called Credly to share publicly. Credly provides badge earners with a spaces to store, manage and showcase their badge credentials.

You will only be able to send your badge to Credly if the program or course designed the badges to be sent. Some badges may only be viewable on the website where you earned them.

  1. If the badge has been set-up to be portable to Credly, you will be sent an email. The email will go to the account attached to your CWL.
  2. Once you receive the email, click on the link labeled "Save & Share."
  3. You will need to create a Credly account to save this badge on the profile site. To learn how to create an account, go to the "Create a Credly Account" guide below.
  4. Sign in to your Credly account.
  5. Select the "Accept" link under the badge image. The badge will now be in your collection.

To share your badges on a variety of social network sites, you will need to create a Credly account. Credly provides badge earners with a spaces to store, manage and showcase their badge credentials. The following guide illustrates all the steps to create an account.

For UBC badges, you must connect initially connect your Credly account to your UBC email assigned to your Campus Wide Login (CWL.)

1. Go to https://credly.com/. In the top right corner, select the "Create an Account" link.
2. Fill in all the information required. Remember, sign up with your UBC email assigned to your Campus Wide Login (CWL.)

You can change your primary email to any email you choose once you have an account.
3. Select the "Account Settings" from the profile drop down in the right corner of the screen.

From the "Account Settings" add any email you choose (e.g. gmail, hotmail, etc.) and choose which email you would like as your primary email.

This will make all badge earning notifications come to your primary email. You will also login using this email account.

Once you've earned a badge, and put it into your Credly account, your badge acquires its own web address.

This web address can be public, which means it can be viewed by others. It can also be private, which means it can be viewed only by you.

Here's what the webpage of your badge looks like when you've decided it make it public:

Credly webpagepublic.png

And here's what it looks like when you've decided to make it private:

Credly Moove.png

If you would like to change the public or private status of your badge, go to your Credly page. On the right-hand menu select "Credit," which will show your badges enclosed in a square.

Credly menu.png

Hover your cursor over the image of your badge in your Credly account and three symbols will appear: an eye (it may be open or closed), a trashcan, and the hyperlink symbol.

Credly closeupclosedeye.png
Credly closedupopeneye.png
If the eye symbol is open, it means your badge is public. If the eye symbol is closed, your badge is private. If you can't tell if the eye is open or closed, hover over it and a pop-up will appear that says either 'Visible to Everyone' or 'Private'.
Credly private4.png
Credly visible4.png
Is your badge public and you would like to make it private? Click the eye symbol. It should change from an open eye to a closed eye.
Credly click.png

Want to turn it back to a public badge? Click the symbol again.

If you have a lot of badges, you can group your badges into collections. One of the advantages of making collections is that you can make the entire collection either public or private, which saves you the work of turning off and on the private and public status of many badges. (Note: Credly does not have the ability to export collections of badges to social media sites, but there is a workaround: you can export your badges to the Mozilla Backpack, which will allow you to export collections. We'll teach you how to do that XXX)

To make a collection go to your Credly page. On the right-hand menu select "Credit," which will show your badges enclosed in a square. This square has headers, with the titles like "Inbox" "All" "Public" "Hidden" "Categories" and "Other." Click the header called "Categories."

Credly ategories.png

You should now see a black rectangle with the words "+ Add Category." Click this.

Credly add category.png

The page will darken and a pop-up will appear with the words "Create a new category." Type the name of your new collection into the pop-up and press "Save."

Credly popupforcategory.png

Then, click the "All" header and hover over the badge you want to put into your newly created category. You should see three symbols appear, as well as a box holding the word "Manage." Click this box.

Credly manage.png

Now, all the details relating to the badge should take front and center on your screen. Under the badge image is an option to "Select Category."

Credly selectcategory.png

If you click this box, the name of your newly created category should appear. Check the checkbox next to its name, and press "Apply,"

Credly clickcategory.png

Next, press "Save."

Credly save professional.png

And voila! Check out the "categories" header to see the first badge in your new collection.

Credly voila2.png

If you want to make the collection private, simply click the eye symbol next to the collection name.
A closed eye means it is private.

Credly collectionpublic.png

If you want to make the collection public, click the eye again. An open eye means it is public.

Want to post your badge to a social media site like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Mozilla?

First, go to your Credly account. On the right-hand menu select "Credit," which will show your badges enclosed in a square. Hover over a badge and three symbols will appear: an eye, a trashcan, and the hyperlink symbol. Click the hyperlink symbol.

Credly hyperlink.png

A pop-up will appear saying "Share a link to this Credit?" Select the social media platform of your choice.

Credly platform options.png

These guides show you the process of sharing your badges on the following social network sites:

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Sandbox:OpenBadges/Faculty_Guide/Web_Design/Create/Earners