Digital Dumping Grounds

A group of UBC journalism students recently discovered that private personal data can be bought and sold – in countries such as Ghana. “E-waste” is a growing concern… just what does happen to the sensitive information we submit digitally on a day-to-day basis? Get the full story  here.

Will the police be able to snoop on your online activities?

A new bill tabled by the Government has the potential to compromise your online privacy by giving authorities such as police the power to intercept online messages and activities. Check out the full story here and let us know what you think in the Comments section!

Yo Comments are Whack!

There are two kinds of people in the world: grammar sticklers, and… everyone else. Will one more misplaced apostrophe drive YOU over the edge? You’re not alone. Check out “Yo Comments are Whack” – a dorkily funny video about internet spelling and grammar.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend announces her splitup with him on Facebook

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Hackers penetrate Monster and steal personal info

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